Fire and Rescue Services Department

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 Head of Office Designation  :  Divisional Officer, Fire and Rescue Services
 Address                           :  O/o. The Divisional Officer
 Fire and Rescue Services
 11, Kumanan Street, Tiruvallur Division, Tiruvallur
 Phone                             :  27662483, 9445086156

Divisional Officer of Fire and Rescue Services is in-charge for the District . Under him there is one Assistant Divisional Officer of Fire and Rescue Services. The Division has got 9 Fire and Rescue Stations. Each Station is headed by a Station Officer.

The List of Stations, Officers, Station Phone numbers, Officers’ Mobile Numbers are given below

Sl. No  Fire and Rescue
 Officers In-charge  Station Phone
 Station Offices'
 Mobile No.
1  Tiruvallur  Station Officer  27660299
2  Tiruttani  Station Officer  27885309  9445086167
3  Tirur  Station Officer  27620244  9445086168
4  Ponneri  Station Officer  27974064  9445086164
5  Gummidipoondi  Station Officer  27929267  9445086160
6  Gummidipoondi Sipcot  Station Officer  27900701  9445086161
7  Perampakkam  Station Officer  27655699  9445086163
8  Pallipet  Station Officer  27843483  9445086162
9  Vallur  Station Officer  27995000  -

Public Services Provided by the Office / Department

bullet Fire fighting operations - Free Service
bullet Rescue Operations in Emergency such as Road accident, Fire accident, Disasters – Tsunami, Flood, Cyclone, Land slide - Free Service
bullet Stand-by Service to VIP’s Protection - President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Other Ministers Functions
bullet Stand-b y Service to Public Function – Temple Festivals, Marriages, Meetings – Prescribed Fee will be Paid
bullet Inspection of Buildings – School, College, Theatre, Industries, Godown
bullet Grant Fire Licences, NOC - For Factories, Industries, Hazardous buildings
bullet Educate the People , Children through Propagandas
bullet Personal training to individuals

Each station having one Mobile Tank Unit along with Wadia / Flotto Pump in addition to Gummudipoondi Fire Station one Emergency rescue Tender and one Ambulance in head quarter fire station. One division spare MTU standing in head quarter fire station.

Total numbers of sanctioned Vehicles / Pumps details are given below

Mobile Tank Unit - 10 (including division spare) , Emergency Rescue Tender - 1 , Ambulance - 1 , Wadia Pump - 6 , Flotto Pump - 6 , Officer’s Jeep - 1

For further information kindly visit our Departmental website