Mahalir Thittam

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Head of Office DesignationProject Officer
Address1'st Floor, Collectorate,  Tiruvallur - 602001

Mahalir Thittam Project is implemented in Tiruvallur District from the year 1997 with the participation of NGOs.  The objective of the scheme is to improve the Socio Economic Development of Women.

The Objective of Mahalir Thittam

  • To create the savings habit of the women

  • To meet out the internal credit by themselves

  • To repay the credit properly

  • To improve standard of the family by earnings of women

  • To make arrangement to avail the bank loan and benefits from Government schemes

  • To know the ways and means for marketing of products

  • To create self confidence among the women

  • To create social awareness among the public

Group Formation

Under Mahalir Thittam the women SHGs are formed in the age group between 18-60 years with the BPL family members.  The number of members are 12 to 20.  The bank account shall be opened after formation of the new group.  Group Formation Cost Rs.350/- per SHG will be paid to the NGO (or) affiliated  PLF

Supply of Registers

The set of Registers will be issued by Mahalir Thittam to the new groups formed through the NGOs/PLF.  The group accounts will be entered in these registers.

Community Resource Person (CRP)

The success of Mahalir Thittam is due to the capacity building training provided to the SHG members as well as to the Animator and Representative of Self Help Group.  Trainers are selected among the Staff and 6 days will be given to those trainers by the District Level Master Trainers.

A & R Training

The Animator and Representative will be given training of 3 modules for 6 days.  The same amount of Rs.45/- per day will be  paid as stipend and Rs.12.50 per day as institution cost

SHG Training

After the formation of the groups SHG training consisting of  4 modules for 4 days will be given.  During the training period they will be paid a stipend of Rs.45/- per day.  The training is conducted by the NGO.  Institution cost will be paid to the NGO @ Rs. 12.50 per day member.

EDT Training

Entrepreneurship Development Training will be given for minimum one month for the interested women among the Self Help Group through reputed Institutions. The Stipend @ Rs.25/- per day/member will be paid to the participants.  Institution cost will be paid to the Institution separately.

Youth Skill Training (YST)

Youth Skill Training is given to the youth male & female age between   18-35.  The Stipend @ Rs.25/- per day/member will be paid to the participants.   With this amount the training is given for minimum 45 days to 6 months through the reputed institutions and Colleges.

Skill Upgradation / Specialized  Skill Training

This training is given to start Economic Activity.  A sum of Rs.5,000/- per trainee has been fixed.  With this amount  training is given for 2 to 3 months through reputed institutions and Colleges.


To enable SHGs to sell their products, Block Level Exhibitions are organized during local festival days.  District Level Exhibitions are also conducted during Navarathiri festival and New year festival. Regional and State level Exhibitions are also arranged by Project Monitoring Unit.

Key Economic Activities Readymade Garments, Fair Price Shop, Power Loom, Hand Loom, Embroidery, Canteen, Handicrafts, Jute Products, Artificial Jewellery, Perfumery Products, Provisional Store, Note Book Making, Palm Leaf Products, Candle Making, Decorative Paper Products

Credit Linkage

After passing in the credit rating linkage will be provided under the following schemes

  • SGSY - RF

  • SGSY - EA








Bankers Orientation

Every year  training will be given to the all bank Managers for successful Implementation of Mahalir Thittam.

SHG's Credit Rating

The groups over 6 months are eligible for credit rating.  Every month a schedule for credit Rating will be arranged by the district administration and published in all Tamil Dailys.  A grading team consists of APO concerned Bank Manager and Block Development Officer will grade the SHG's in  the following parameters

  • Frequency of Group Meetings

  • Attendance of the Group Meeting

  • Members involvement in the Group Meeting

  • Savings Frequency

  • Savings Rate

  • Average savings per member per month

  • Interest rate on internal loans

  • Degree of Rotation of savings

  • Adequacy of Group Reserve Fund

  • Repayment of Internal Loans

  • Repayment of External Loans

  • Book Keeping

  • Auditing of Group Accounts

  • Clearly defined SHG Rules and Regulations

Marks will be awarded according to the performance of the groups


In Tiruvallur District so for 367 Panchayats were restructure in a phased manner as follows:

2008-2009 Polit Bases


2009 - 2010


2010 - 2011


In IFAD Panchayat


In VKB Blocks




Balance to be restructure



After restructuring process is completed the restructured PLF office bearers, EC members will be given Governance Training and Finance Training by the State level Trainer. The PLF will be registered and after  6 months  completion of registration a team  consists of APO concern Bank manager and by one selected  PLF office bearer nominated by the District Collector will be graded  the PLF.  Those PLF who obtained more then 60 marks will be given a sum of Rs.1,00,000/- will be given as incentive for internal ending.

Achievement of  Mahalir Thittam - Tiruvallur District from  Inception



1  New Group Formation  
       Rural 12533
       Urban 7074
2  Revolving Fund  
       Rural Mathi 12104
       Urban 6906
3  Economic Activities - SGSY 1790
4  Trainings  
       A & R Training 19437
       SHG Members Training 19343
5  Youth Skill Training 4700
6  EDT Training 5650